Go Behind The Voices of ‘Ferdinand’


John Cena playing Ferdinand is one of the greatest casting choices for an animation film since Lewis Black as Anger.

It just makes sense. Judging from just looking at him he looks like a meathead and that doesn’t have much between the ears. On the inside, he’s quite different than that stereotype, He’s granted over 500 wishes for Make-A-Wish and is the record holder, and he takes his time with the kids making them feel truly special.

‘Ferdinand’ is a lot like that. Growing up he was a giant bull which everyone thinks he should be a fighter like the other bulls his size. Ferdinand would rather smell flowers than chase after the red cape. Taken from his home, he quests to return to them while rescuing his new friends at the barn.

In the above interview go into the recording booth with Jerrod Carmichael and hear more about his characters unlikely friendship, Kate McKinnon tells us why her character is  perfect for her personality, Gina Rodriguez talks about why this film helps us break stereotypes, and John Cena gives us more about the story as well as why he was so thankful this film was a lot of work.


‘Ferdinand’ is in theaters tomorrow, December 15, 2017.

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