Go In-depth into ‘Beauty and the Beast’ With Behind the Scenes Clips

‘Beauty and the Beast’ was going to be a huge film. Disney knew from the start how excited/skeptical people would be, and the cast knew as well. After a film is cast and they are familiar with the scripts, they do what’s known as a table read. Everyone sits around a table and reads through the script, while the actors act it out, and the director will give them feedback. Normally they are pretty boring going through what you’re going to be doing without actually doing. Not for Beauty and the Beast, this one looks like it was fun with singing and dancing and laughing, and a surprise performance of the iconic Beauty and the Beast song and dance.


There’s not a whole lot of dancing in films nowadays. Filmmakers will have some if it calls for it, but in yesteryear, dancing was in every movie. The stars knew that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ would have plenty of dancing and the cast was excited about it. Watch the above clip to find out what it was like to learn the dances including dancing with a man in a gray motion-capture suit.



After everything is done the filmmakers made one of the biggest movies of the year (so far). ‘Beauty and the Beast’ grossed a total of 498 Thousand dollars in Domestic theaters. Above is a clip from the film of the most memorable moment of the film, the first dance to title soundtrack Beauty and the Beast.


Beauty and The Beast releases with more behind the scenes and deleted scenes on Blu-Ray and digitally on June 6, 2017.