Go into the animation rooms of ‘Frozen II’

It feels like only yesterday that the world was going crazy for Frozen.

Maybe it only feels like that because my friend’s kids still love to sing Let it Go like it came out only yesterday. Like basically all other movies that make money, its time for the studios to capitalize and make a sequel, and here we have ‘Frozen II’.

As a voice actor, I can imagine at times it’s difficult to get the voice down, especially when you’re in a room with just the mic and the director (there might be others, but for the most time it’s very limited). Most of the time, the movie isn’t done (to be honest, for most of them, the voice acting is an early step so that animators can animate to their voice, rather than the other way around). As it turns out, things like storyboards and character sketches can really help in situations like this, and Idina Menzel tells us she’s really glad the Director and writers can give her those things. Then, in a somewhat rare situation, writer Marc Smith goes through a storyboard with some of his animators and we can then see what the finished product looks like.


‘Frozen II’ releases on November 22, 2019.