Go Into The Crazy Action Scenes in ‘The Mummy’


Tom Cruise is a beast when it comes to action films.

The man continuously tries to top his last big stunt, and every time you think it can’t be done, but then he sets his sights on something else he wants to try, and somehow the director, studio, and their insurance clear it and he accomplishes it. Who could forget that scene in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation where a plane takes off with Cruise holding on to the outside?

So where do you go from there? How about zero gravity. In the above interview Annabelle Wallis talks about the huge scale of the production, Jake Johnson says that Tom Cruise has the best work ethic out of any actor he’s ever worked with, Sofia Boutella discusses working with legendary actors Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise, while Russell Crowe  talks about the fight sequence between him and Cruise, and Tom Cruise discusses their zero gravity scene, as well as why he wants to go see this movie, and why he works on the films he does.


The Mummy releases June 9, 2017.