Go into the recording booth of ‘The Lion King’

It’s got to be intimidating to do a remake. It’s on the next level if it’s something as beloved as ‘The Lion King’.

The original animated film is one that many people literally grew up with, including much of the cast. They’ve seen it, their kids have seen it, and now the question is where do you go from there? Much like Favreau’s last Disney film, they went “live-action” a super realistic CGI recreation of the animals, which not going to lie, still looks really weird to me.

In the above interview, Jon Favreau talks about why he chose Lion King as the next film to be remade, JD McCrary tells us why he said yes to the project, Shahadi Wright Joseph gives us her history of The Lion King from fan to broadway to this, Chiwetel Ejiofor dives into the complicated story of The Lion King, Billy Eichner explains why he likes Timon and Pumba, Seth Rogen tells us why he was excited about this version, and Donald Glover tells us why Jon being attached to the project made things better.


‘The Lion King’ releases July 18, 2019.