Going Undercover With The Cast of ‘The Infiltrator’ Video Interview


‘The Infiltrator’ is the basted on a true story of Robert Mazur (Cranston) a US Customs special agent from the early 80’s. Mazur went undercover in Miami (of course) with the intent to take down Pablo Escobar, one of the biggest Colombian drug lords and traffickers.

Mazur was a family man who in the film would leave his family so he could do his job, partying with known drug kingpins so he could be trusted enough to get on the inside. In the above interview Bryan Cranston talks about living the crazy life yet returning home, John Leguizamo discusses how similar the FBI are to actors, just more intense, Diane Kruger can’t imagine how difficult it is living a double life, and Benjamin Bratt says how necessary it was to break the laws for the bigger picture.


The Infiltrator releases wide next Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

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