7 Good Movies With Terrible Acting Performances

Even Hollywood’s largest franchises fall victim to the tragedy of a bad performance. These blockbuster films are derived from beloved stories, popular sagas and star talented A-listers. Unfortunately, despite their positive qualities, they’ve all succumbed to the curse of a bad acting job. 

1.Star Wars: Episode II and III – Hayden Christensen


When the backstory to George Lucas‘s legendary trilogy arrived, so did Hayden Christensen. While we can assume that the menacing villain-of-the-century (AKA Darth Vader) had a rocky start, I don’t think any Star Wars fan was truly prepared for what Christensen had in store for Anakin Skywalker. Let’s just say he dished out WAY too much annoying teen angst. 

2.Catwoman – Halle Berry


As one of the most beloved ‘anti-heroes’ in comics and film, Catwoman should’ve had an epic revival. Unfortunately, Halle Berry‘s cheesy, lackluster performance just made everyone miss Michelle Pfeiffer and want to hiss/claw their eyes out. 

3.Mamma Mia! – Pierce Brosnan


Nobody’s calling Mamma Mia! a well-written cinematic masterpiece, but it brought the ABBA-inspired musical justice and gave us something to watch with ice cream and a bottle of wine. Meryl Streep tackles the lead role like a boss and is accompanied by a few male co-stars including one Pierce Brosnan who REALLY can’t sing. We’re not just talking Russell Crowe a la Les Miserables. If you haven’t experienced Brosnan’s S.O.S. or The Winner Takes It All...go look it up. You’re in for a terrible treat.

4. The Maze Runner – Kaya Scodelario


The Maze Runner was 2014’s post-apocalyptic obsession, based off the book series by James Dashner. The movie’s female lead, portrayed by Kaya Scodelario (Skins), managed to excel at being a B-grade Kristen Stewart. Complete with zero expression and zero reason to root for her character. Her performance in the 2015 sequel (The Scorch Trials) is even worse.

5. Batman Begins – Katie Holmes


Before Maggie Gyllenhaal starred in the superhero saga of The Dark Knight, Katie Holmes was cast as Rachel Dawes. Holmes performance received quite a bit of criticism due to her static and boring portrayal. Come on, you’re Batman’s lover for Gotham’s sake!

6. Dracula – Keanu Reeves


Watching a pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves tackle a dramatic vampire flick MIGHT make you consider opting for Twilight instead (although that’s still a stretch). The 1992 adaptation of the classic novel did well when it was released and stars Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder and other big names. However, Reeves manages to sound like he’s ready to perform a Shakespearean sonnet the entire time. To see or not to see Dracula? Keanu Reeves makes that the question.

7. Snow White and The Huntsman – Kristen Stewart


Kristin Stewart doesn’t exactly scream ‘fairytale princess’ but plays one in the 2012 film about the titular character. Though Charlize Theron‘s evil queen is terrifyingly wicked and Chris Hemsworth‘s huntsman is deliciously rugged, Stewart’s performance doesn’t live up to the beloved name of ‘Snow White’. Luckily for moviegoers, she’s not listed to reprise her role in the sequel movie, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, which comes to theaters this April.