6 Reasons Gwyneth Paltrow Is Not ‘Just Like Us’

Gwyneth PaltrowFapian/Zodiac/Splash News

It’s not simply the Tinseltown drawbridge that places legacy celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow on the other side of the castle walls. It’s that she is so well-meaning she seems to have no idea we can’t wear flip-flops to work. So please, G, let me spell it out for you.

1) You work even though you don’t have to. We’d be at the beach every day.

2) Most of us can’t be Googled. And definitely not by first name only.

3) While it is cool that the duvet covers at London’s Connaught Hotel have a turn down flap instead of buttons at the bottom, some of us don’t have a duvet. 

4) We rarely get photographed on our Vespas.

5) You told E! Online that the Costume Institute Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum in New York is “unfun.” Okay, we all know that, but most of us drag ourselves to it anyway.

6) You said your wood burning pizza oven is the best investment you ever made. My broker never even told me about that one. Can I get his name?

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