Harrison Ford on working with a CGI dog in ‘Call of the Wild’

‘Call of the Wild’ is the classic story of how a dog is stolen from his posh life to go mush a dog sled in the Yukon in Alaska. The Novel has had many cinematic adaptations with dogs, but obviously, for the dog’s safety, you can’t really have them do any of the stunts. But it’s 2020 and CGI has made it so you could have a realistic-looking dog do the stunts. The only problem is, the dog isn’t actually there. If you want to have real actors work with something, so you call in Terry Notary.

In the above interview Harrison Ford talks about the need and importance it is for an actor and animators to work with someone who acts like a dog, Terry tells us how acting as a dog is more than just crawling, and then Harrison explains his love for dogs and different breeds.

Could a real dog have done the non-stunts and have a CGI dog do the dangerous things? Sure, but what’s the fun in that?


‘The Call of the Wild’ is in theaters now.