Harvey Weinstein, Bradley Cooper Debut Mitt Romney Teaser ‘Hindsight’ — TRAILER

Man, that Harvey Weinstein loves a good political joke, doesn’t he?

While talking to reporters during some press for his recent TV movie Seal Team Six, Weinstein was asked how he envisioned a movie about Mitt Romney looking. To that he replied “several journalists have asked me what a film on Mitt Romney would look like. I told them it would definitely be a comedy,” on The Huffington Post, and presented this trailer for Hindsight a faux (we think) movie about the comedy of Romney’s political campaign.

And he took it quite seriously—even enlisting fellow famous movie person Bradley Cooper to narrate the nearly two-minute long clip. Take a look at it and see if you find the comedy in Hindsight.

What do you think of Hindsight? Sound off in the comments!

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