Hawn and Schumer Are A Great Combo in Last ‘Snatched’ Trailer


Amy Schumer teaming up with Goldie Hawn just makes sense.

It’s almost like the old meeting the new (with no disrespect to Ms. Hawn). The two teaming up look like they could actually be in a mother/daughter relationship that’s a little bit more friendly than the norm. The two seem like they could bounce jokes off each other and just have fun shooting, which is very important when film a comedy. Finally, it seems like they actually care for each other, which judging from outside appearances, they do.

The ‘Snatched’ plot goes like this. Emily (Schumer) had a romantic vacation planned with her boyfriend, that is until he dumps her. None of her friends could go with her, so she ends up taking her mother (Hawn). Emily has a romantic/drunk night out and meets an island boy. The two decide to go on a road trip with her mom, and that’s when things go down. The two are set up and must work together to survive their vacation together.


Snatched is in theaters May 12, 2017.