Hawn And Schumer Discuss Working Together In ‘Snatched’


They say don’t ever meet your heroes because they will always let you down.

That wasn’t the case for Amy Schumer when she met her hero Goldie Hawn. For their latest movie ‘Snatched’, Amy always saw Goldie as the role of her mom, and after the success of her show Inside Amy Schumer, film Trainwreck, and various stand-up specials, Goldie was a fan of Amy’s. One run in at the airport years ago, and the two would be destined to play this mother and daughter who go on vacation to a tropical location where things go from bad to worse.

In the above interview, Amy and Goldie talk about what they love about each other, how it was when Amy first met Goldie, and why working with Goldie has possibly ruined Amy Schumer’s future jobs.


Snatched releases May 12, 2017, just in time for Mother’s Day.