Hear About Disaster Movie ‘Geostorm’ From The Cast


‘Geostorm’ is the ultimate “this is why we can’t have nice things”

Global warming (it’s a thing deal with it) has become out of control, so scientists have created satellites that can control the weather. Things are great until they start malfunctioning and Afghanistan is freezing over and Japan is on fire, and other not so good things happen. It’s up to Jake (Butler) to fix the satellites with the help of his brother Max (Sturgess), his Secret Service secret girlfriend Sarah (Cornish) and the PResident (Garcia). The other problem is what if the satellites were working correctly and someone just wanted to have one hell of a weapon.

In the above interview Abbie Cornish goes more in-depth into what the satellites are while Jim Sturgess says why it’s a problem when things go wrong, Andy Garcia discusses what the themes of the film actually are, and Gerard Butler talks about what people can take from the film.


‘Geostorm’ releases October 20, 2017.

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