Hear About ‘Forever My Girl’ from Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe


Modern day love stories can

Liam (Alex Roe) is a country singer that left his old town behind on the day he was supposed to get married. Now he’s one of the biggest stars and has to go back to find out that his old love Josie (Jessica Rothe) has a child who was born just after he left. Now Liam struggles with wanting to raise his child and rekindle his love that he left long ago.

If you have to hear about a love story, why not hear it from the two involved? In the above interview, Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe talk about their love story, how their characters feel throughout their ordeals, and more importantly, how the film is a roller coast for the audience and why they believe its good to watch that every now and then.


‘Forever My Girl’ is in theaters now.