Hear about ‘Free Guy’ from Ryan Reynolds at NYCC

Comic-con is the perfect time to show off what you’ve done so far.

‘Free Guy’ is the story of a man (Ryan Reynolds) who lives a normal life as a bank teller, but finds himself in a video game where his world has entirely changed. That’s about all we knew about the film. But seeing as this film mashes the world of film and videogames, it is the perfect film for Comic-Con, so the stars of the film went to New York Comic-Con, held a panel, and show off some footage from the film. Unfortunately, we don’t have that, but we got to hear from the stars.

In the above interview, Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy discuss how they started with the project and what the film is actually about, Joe Keery and Jodie Comer discuss their characters, Lil Rel Howery tells us how crazy the film world is, and then Ryan tells us what he wants fans to take from the film.


‘Free Guy’ releases on July 3, 2019.