Hear About Johnny Knoxville’s Major Injury in ‘Action Point’

Johnny Knoxville has been hurt more times than he can probably count.

When you do all your own stunts injuries are going to happen. From the low budget beginnings of Jackass to all his later films, if he doesn’t do his own stunts I think fans would disown him. More so, while most actors will have plenty of protection Knoxville will lose that if it’s for the scene.

He should have had more protection for this scene.

Alpine Slides are at many different kinds of parks and they are easy to crash, but difficult to make yourself crash according to stunt coordinator Charles Grisham. Well, Johnny had to crash, and crash he did. In the above video hear from Johnny Knowville about his concussion and eye injury, and the continued problem, as well as see what happened when someone teared up to his injury story.


‘Action Point’ releases June 1, 2018.