Hear From The Cast and Creator of ‘Hellboy’ at NYCC


So there’s going to be a Hellboy remake, and fans were pissed.

I mean, Ron Perlman is the essence of Hellboy, and he fit the role perfectly in Guillermo Del Toro’s 2004 version. Then it was announced that David Harbour would be the Great Beast, and, while fans like him, he’s no Ron Perlman. Then the first promo image came out, and again, still not Ron Perlman, but boy did he LOOK like Hellboy. They also had a little problem with the casting of Ed Skrein and whitewashing, since Ben Daimio is of Asian descent. So he left the project and they cast Daniel Day Kim (good luck to Ed, he left the role understanding). Director Neil Marshall promises that this movie will be a Hard R, bloody, and light on CGI, which are all things that people love.

So what now. Will Hellboy be good? Well, while we haven’t even seen a trailer for it, fans at New York Comic Con were excited about it. While they’re important, creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola praised at how true to the comics the film seems to be, which is probably the best praise you can have. In the above interview, Mike goes more into that and David Harbour, Daniel Day Kim, and Sasha Lane talks about fandom and what they love about their version of ‘Hellboy’.


‘Hellboy’ releases April 12, 2019.