Hear From The Stars About ‘Captain Marvel’


Brie Larson came into the Marvel Universe with a ton of pressure.

Not only are Marvel films the gold standard of Superhero films but you don’t want the film you star in to be the flop. Plus ‘Black Panther’ finally got the nomination for an Academy Award, so you kind of want your film to be held in such high regard. On top of that her film is coming out at a weird time during the Marvel timeline, The Avengers is literally halved and Nick Furry used his last strength to use his beeper to call her. The most important thing that is on top of Brie and everyone else’s mind is that this is the first female-centered marvel film in a world that not everyone is too keen on that.

In the above interview Kevin Feige talks about why right now is the time for Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson explains why he Nick Fury is entirely different during this film compared to what we know him as, Lee Pace is excited to bring back Ronan the Accuser, Co-Directors Ryan Fleck, and Anna Boden tell us what inspired them for this film, Jude Law talks about the importance of Captain Marvel, and Brie Larson tells us what she likes Captain Marvel.


‘Captain Marvel’ is in theaters now,