Hear From The Stars of ‘The Space Between Us’ From The Premiere


An astronaut didn’t know she was pregnant so she had to have a baby on Mars. That baby grew up to be Gardener (Butterfield). After being raised by astronauts Kendra (Gugino) and another (Montgomery), he took a life-threatening journey to Earth to hang out with his penpal Tulsa and find his father.

Since Mars is kind of unreachable, STX Entertainment premiered their film ‘The Space Between Us’ at the far more reachable ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles. From the premiere, Janet Montgomery talks about how being an astronaut was a nice change from being a witch (Janet also stars on Salem) as well as how acting fulfils her childhood dream jobs, Carla Gugino lets us know why her character got stuck taking care of the young Alien, Asa Butterfield discusses the many themes of the film, Britt Robertson tells us what people can take from this film, and recording artist Ingrid Michaelson tells us about the songs that she wrote as well as performs her song for the audience.


The Space Between Us is in theaters next Friday, February 3, 2017.