Hear From The Stars of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ At SDCC Premiere (Video)


Star Trek is going into their 50th anniversary and for an anniversary like that you have to do an epic movie, and for that movie, you have to do one hell of a premiere.

The cast of ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ want their fans to love the movie as much as them. They also want to show it to as many fans as possible, so why not have it at the largest gathering of nerds? On Wednesday night, the opening night of San Diego Comic-Con, Paramount held their premiere for ‘Star Trek: Beyond’, but it wasn’t at any theater. The premiere was outside SDCC with the first outdoor IMAX screen. If that wasn’t enough, the San Diego symphony orchestra performed with a 90 piece set, complete with fireworks.

In the above interview from the premiere, hear from Zachary QuintoJohn ChoKarl Urban,Chris Pine,Idris ElbaZoe Saldana, Producer J.J. Abrams, and Simon Pegg about how special it really was to have the premiere there.


Star Trek Beyond is out in theaters now. Live long and prosper.

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