Hear How Great Gaston Is In ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Clip


Walt Disney’s animated film ‘Beauty and The Beast’ has some classic songs. There’s the song of discovery ‘Something There”, the epic pre-dinner “Be Our Guest”, or who could forget the love song title track “Beauty and The Beast”. One of my favourites is Gaston’s theme song.

Gaston (Luke Evans) is the greatest, just ask him yourself.

When he tries to get with Belle (Emma Watson) and is rejected, he’s actually feeling down, possibly for the first time in his life. Best friend and heterosexual life mate Le Fou (Josh Gad) sees that his mate is down and won’t stand for it. Le Fou sings the praises of Gaston in his title song appropriately titled ‘Gaston’. Watch the clip above and hear how great gaston actually is.


Beauty and The Beast releases March 17, 2017.

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