Hear The Cast Discuss Family In ‘The Boss Baby’ Interview


In Dreamwork’s newest animated film ‘The Boss Baby’, Tim is an only child who has the time of his life with his parents (Kimmel and Kudrow). That’s when they decide to expand their family and bring home Tim’s brand new baby brother (Baldwin). Tim knows there’s something not right about this new-born, and for once, he’s actually right. That baby is part of a secret corporation that is pro babies, and he needs to find out why babies cuteness is on the decline. Tim must work with the baby or else he will be stuck with the young thing for forever. Can the two work together and maybe even become, dare I say it, friends?

Anyone who is an older brother or sister can relate to Tim’s problem. Siblings can be a welcome friend, or they can take away their parents attention, and leave you being old news. In the above interview Jimmy Kimmel talks about how he was destined to play the role of the father, Lisa Kudrow tells us why the baby chose their family specifically, Tobey Maguire (who plays older Tim) says why people will love this film, and Alec Baldwin gives us more info on the baby as well as why he loved doing the roll.


The Boss Baby releases March 31, 2017.