Hear the ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ cast talk about Edward Norton

Acting in a film can be tough, as is directing. So to star in a film as well as direct is a feat that not many would even attempt. You could do awful, like William Shatner with his apologetic ‘Star Trek V: the Final Frontier’, or you could be like Orson Welles and literally make one of the greatest movies of all time; ‘Citizen Kane’.

Edward Norton is an accomplished actor, so when the chance to star and direct the film for ‘Motherless Brooklyn’, he took the opportunity. Luckily he has some star friends who trust in him as a creative to join him in this process.

In the above interview Edward Norton, Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Willem Dafoe discuss Edward, how it is to work with an actor who’s directing, how an actor/director is beneficial to an actor, and how this film came together.


‘Motherless Brooklyn’ releases on November 1, 2019.