Hear About The Ice Cube/Charlie Day Fight In ‘Fist Fight’


The last day of school can be one of the best days for someone in school. For 3 months, they don’t have to worry about teachers, students, work, tests, anything. It’s also terrifying for students who may have a bully since this is the last day to really terrorise their lessers.

Warner Bros newest movie ‘Fist Fight’ takes this idea and flips it on its head. Instead of a student being terrified of a bully on their last day of school, what if it was a teacher? Now, what if one teacher was a teacher who wants to do the right thing and not get beaten up in Charlie Day, and the other was no nonsense, you better toughen up teacher in Ice Cube. Now you have an original story with a ton of comedy to be had.

In the above interiew, Tracy Morgan talks about what it’s like to be back to acting after his accident (welcome back!), Jillian Bell tells us what Charlie’s character does during the film, Charlie Day discusses how he could see himself as this character as well as with Cube, and Ice Cube speaks on the situation and the payoff of the actual fight at the end.


Fist Fight releases in theaters on February 17, 2017.