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Heath Ledger Laughs Off Movie Ban

Heath Ledger is laughing at cinema bosses who are banning his gay Western Brokeback Mountain because it isn’t stopping film fans from checking it out at rival chains.

Cinemas in Utah and West Virginia have pulled screenings from their schedules over concerns about gay sex scenes between Ledger and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

But the Australian actor is far from upset about the bans–because cinema bosses are simply losing money for making dumb decisions. He says, “I heard, at one point, that West Virginia was going to ban it, but that’s a state that was still lynching people until about 20 years ago.

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“I think it’s proven to have the opposite effect. All of the American states, besides the odd one here and there, have ended up seeing it. It seems to have proven everyone wrong.

“I think people just want to see it so they can have an opinion on it. It’s really interesting. I think it’s going to turn into some kind of phenomenon.”

The film picked up the Critics Choice Award for best film last night. Five of the last six films chosen as the Critics Choice have gone on to claim the best movie Oscar.

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