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Hemsworth brother keen for Wolverine role

Liam and Chris Hemsworth‘s brother wants to replace fellow Australian Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Luke Hemsworth has urged studio bosses to consider him as the next X-Men mutant after Jackman announced he would be stepping down after 2017’s Logan.

Hugh is taking some acting lessons in lockdown

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“I would love to (play him). I grew up with them (comic book characters),” Luke tells Screen Rant. “I learned to draw through comic books, copying comic books since I was about 10 years old. Spawn was a big one for me; I really loved Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn. And then Batman. I would have fought Rob Pattinson for those gauntlets.

“And Wolverine! I’m like, ‘Come on, just pass them on, mate. Let’s give it to another Aussie’. I’ll have to grow some chest hair, but I’m ready for Wolverine.”

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