Watch: These Wild Joker Scenes Were Cut From ‘Suicide Squad’

Every good Suicide Squad fan knows that Jared Leto filmed a lot of scenes as the Joker. According to the actor, so much of his footage was cut that there’s enough for an entire Joker movie. Of course, Leto said you’d only ever see that footage after he died, which is such a very Jared Leto thing to say.

When Suicide Squad released an extended cut, we were hoping we’d get a glimpse of some of the Leto’s missing scenes; however, the extended cut was a mere 11 minutes longer than the theatrical cut. That give us, basically nothing. We want more — and this video that recently popped up on YouTube proves exactly what we’re missing out on.

By combining shots from behind-the-scenes videos, clips from commercials and what’s going on the theatrical cut, this video pinpoints what scenes were cut after-the-fact and what we can expect if a Joker movie is ever made from leftover Suicide Squad footage. Check out the video above!

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