Here’s a Movie for Every State in America. Because We Love America. And We Love Movies.

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On this 237th birthday of our dear country America, we all band together in our patriotism. Yes, we do have quite the uniting country indeed… despite it being split up into 50 states, all of which vehemently hate the other 49 (especially Jersey).

But as brethren of the same land, we must find common ground. We must find something to appreciate each of the states from which we do not hail. The best way to do that: Movies. has taken a look at every corner of our land of the free and pinpointed the big screen feature that best exemplifies each of the 50 states. Check below, and see if your home state is represented by a particular favorite of yours.

Forrest Gump
Sure, he ran all around the country, but that Greenbow pride stuck with him. 

Out Cold
Wacky, off-kilter, and a gem that nobody ever talks about. Just like Alaska. 

From the creepiest corner of the country comes the creepiest movie ever made.

True Grit
Remake or original, both have that AK charm.

Never before has the Valley been so astonishingly well represented. 

The Shining 
Beautiful and inspiring, but haunting nonetheless — we mean the film and the state.

Mystic Pizza
Soft-spoken and charming? A little bit sad, but able to laugh? That’s Connecticut for you.

There are no memorable movies set in Delaware. Sorry, Delaware. Sorry, everybody. 

Spring Breakers

The Legend of Bagger Vance 
Ah, that whimsical mystery that soars through the Georgia winds… the kind of mystery only a Will Smith Ghost could convey onscreen.

Lilo & Stitch
Hawaii is such a fantasy land that only an animated Disney flick could appropriately capture its presence.

Napoleon Dynamite
Slow moving, weird, and possibly ingenious. From the fields of Idaho comes a cult classic that nobody could stop quoting for years.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Danke schoen for Chicago and its favorite son, John Hughes. 

Breaking Away
A sleepy state with firecracker passion gives us a coming-of-age dramedy that can be described just the same.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? 
Sad, lonely, desperate, hopeless… No. Not hopeless. Just remember: We can go anywhere.

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The Wizard of Oz
Oh gee, as if there was any alternative? 

You don’t think of James Bond as a Southern boy, do you? Well, he payed a visit to the Bluegrass State in this classic chapter.

Steel Magnolias
That heartfelt hometown passion for which Louisiana is famous just courses through the beloved modern classic.

The other creepiest corner of the state gives us a slightly more charming ghost story. 

The Blair Witch Project
And we thought the scariest thing in Maryland was Omar Little… 

Celebrate Boston pride all you want with The Departed, but Jaws captures everything that a Martha’s Vineyardian knows to be home.

American Pie 
Great Lakes, great friends, great stories… and hardly a worry in the world. American Pie, you’ve got Michigan right.

Grumpy Old Men 
I think just about everyone in Minnesota is in fact 75 years of age or older. 

The Help 
Granted, Mississippi has come a long way since the days of The Help, but it still has that connotation… 

Waiting for Guffman
We’ll be honest. We’ve never been to Missouri. We don’t know anyone from Missouri. We have no idea what Missouri is like. But we imagine (and hope) it’s exactly like Waiting for Guffman.  

A River Runs Through It 
That old mountain spirit, that true American flavor, that’s what Montana, and this Robert Redford classic, are about.

We always thought there was something suspicious lurking underneath that oh-so-perfect Nebraska… Tracy Fleck just might be the state incarnate. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Sorry, Nevada, but you’re just Vegas to the rest of the world. Crazy, drug-addled Vegas. 

New Hampshire
Things are a bit off all throughout the beautiful, jovial, captivating Granite State, and throughout Stanley Kubrick’s classic comedy.

New Jersey
Angry, grungy, and highly polarizing. Yep. Clerks is Jersey. 

New Mexico
City Slickers
Yes, this movie is about people from other states visiting New Mexico… but isn’t that what the real New Mexico is all about, anyway?

New York
Annie Hall 
A symphony of neuroses, heartbreak, and wide-eyed fantasy, Annie Hall is everything that the unstoppable city of New York has to offer.

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North Carolina
Bull Durham
This movie is set in North Carolina. So it wins.

North Dakota
Oh yah. Quite a sinister tone under this kooky snow-laden state and its signature film, yah.

Tommy Boy
The good-natured values of hard work and friendship? That’s the cornerstone of Ohio livin’, we tell you. 

Um… duh.

The Goonies
When Oregon learned it was finally getting a movie, the entire state cheered: “It’s our time.”

Pennsylvania is just another nickname for Philadelphia, right?

Rhode Island
Dumb and Dumber

Yes, a good portion of the film takes place on the road (and in a place where the beer flows like wine), but Harry and Lloyd are distinctly, undeniably Rhode Island folk.

South Carolina
The Notebook 
That deep, abiding love that can only exist in a small state sheltered from the rest of the world? That can only come from a man like Nicholas Sparks? That can only be appropriately sold through a stunner like Ryan Gosling? Yep. 

South Dakota
Little Big Man
It’s appropriate that South Dakota’s pick is riddled with historical color… and some wacky adventure.

The Blind Side

A simple story of family, pride, acceptance, and overcoming adversity. Tennessee should be proud of this Oscar winner.

Dazed and Confused
Of course our Texas pick had to come from Richard Linklater, master of the Lone Star State. And which film better than his most iconic, nihilistic, dreamy high school graduation picture?

127 Hours
In Utah, no one can hear you scream. =

Super Troopers
Call it a mindless stoner comedy, but the Broken Lizard debut packs a lot of that wintry Northeast flavor into its wild, witty mix.

The Patriot
As if there was anything more Virginian. As if there is any state more American. 

The Twilight Saga
What’s with the corners of this country being so dang creepy? At least this one has some glitter.

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West Virginia
October Sky
Coal mines and dreams of escaping the coal mines. That’s what ol’ West Virginia was all about in its day.

Lars and the Real Girl
There’s something cold, eerie, and wonderfully beautiful about small town Wisconsin. Ditto Gosling.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Wyoming, even though we’re not entirely sure that you actually exist, you might win the pot with the best movie on the list.

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