Here’s The ‘Inside Out’ Easter Egg You Probably Missed In ‘Finding Dory’


It’s not really a secret that Pixar is a fan of Easter eggs. While some of the Easter Eggs are a bit easier to pick up on (like when Tangled’s Rapunzel appears with her beau in Frozen), there’s a whole bunch you’ve probably missed. 

Finding Dory is no exception, and Disney just released a brand new video that shows all of the awesome Easter eggs Pixar hid within the animations. 

The Easter egg that pops out most is the fact that Riley Anderson from Inside Out actually appears in Finding Dory, but it’s so quick, you probably never noticed. Riley pops up in the background when Dory finds herself in the tank at the Marine Life Institute.

finding dory easter egg

This makes a whole lot more sense than you probably thought. The Marine Life Institute is located in California’s Bay Area, which is also where most of Inside Out takes place. Throughout Inside Out, Riley struggles to settle into her new San Francisco home after her family moves from the Midwest. In this Easter egg, she appears to be doing well. She is, after all, out and about visiting the aquarium.

Checkout the full video to see all of Finding Dory’s Easter eggs below.

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