Hiddleston and Olsen Premiere ‘I Saw The Light’

Hank Williams is arguably one of the greatest country music artists so it was only a matter of time till someone made a film about his rise to fame and the decline of health and personal life. Who better to portray this country-western singer than an English man? Tom Hiddleston may be best known for his role as the demi god Loki in the Marvel Avengers films but in ‘I Saw The Light’ he plays as the country music god father.

Bradley Whitford discusses how Tom Hiddleston’s accent could transform seemlessly, Maddie Hasson talks about how Hiddleston actually performed during the concert scenes, Elizabeth Olsen brings up that the film goes into details for the long-time Hank Williams fans, while Tom Hiddleston explains how the film goes into what Hank Williams’s songs were really about, as well as the honor of portraying him in this interview from the World Premiere in Nashville:


I Saw The Light comes out tomorrow, Friday March 25, 2016.