High-Flying Competition in New Clips from Disney’s ‘Planes’

Credit: Disney

With the release of Turbo, Monsters UniversityDespicable Me 2, and the not so epic Epic, this summer has been characterized by a slew of animated movies about primarily non-human creatures. Next up, we can’t foget Planes, Disney’s upcoming picture about…drumroll please…planes! Featuring the voices of Dane Cook, Teri Hatcher, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and more, Planes tells the story of Dusty, a simple crop-dusting plane who dreams of soaring through the skies in high-flying air races. But, there are a couple of obstacles that Dusty must overcome: he isn’t built for speed, and he’s afraid of heights.

In anticipation of Planes’ August 2nd premiere, Disney has released a few clips to give audiences a taste of what the animated flick has to offer. In the clips, we see Dusty face mockery from the big-time racers, meet the legendary Mexican plane El Chupacabra, and witness some not-so-friendly competition between other high-flyers. Embodying the classic underdog story, the small-town plane encounters some classic cultural and competitive stereotypes — all with a fun aerodynamic twist.

Planes is being promoted as a followup to Cars, so we can’t help but wonder: What’s next, Disney? Boats? Trains? Subways? Actually, we’d totally see that last one.

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