Holy F#@! The Top 5 Potty-Mouthed Movies

Movies show us the kind of life we’ve always wanted to live: dysfunctional families that end up making up, finding true love at the coffee shop, living comfortably in a New York penthouse with a dog & entry-level job. But the biggest fantasy it fulfills is the one about being able to shout endless f-bombs to your boss or loved ones without them taking offense. In movies, everyone does it and they don’t even bat an eye. This week, enjoy the top movies that used the most swear words…then go try some out on your friends, or, you know, a police officer. Take your chances.

1. Goodfellas

It comes as no surprise that three of the movies on this list are from Martin Scorsese–the king of angry mobster movies. Goodfellas’s language, though is so artfully used by these blue-collar gangsters that it is not shocking (as it is in Casino), because Scorsese has them use the f-word like it was a preposition. The speed, too, at which they throw out that and other choice words is so quick, you can’t help but laugh at how much you enjoy watching these guys “bust each other’s balls” with quips about their mothers. Total F-Bomb Count: 300

2. Straight Outta Compton


The epic movie about hip-hop group NWA was one of the best received music biopics in recent years, probably since Ray. The road to the top of the hip-hop kingdom is paved with sex, drugs, and, yes, lots of colorful language. NWA famously dropped the jaws of America with their f-bombs in songs, but the film boasts more than they’ve probably every used in one album. If you’re offended by the language in this film, try watching Leave It To Beaver, it’ll better suit your needs.

Total F-Bombs: 392

3. Casino

Another Scorsese addition. This time, he uses foul language to incite shocks, not so much sincerity from his scum-of-the-earth Vegas mobsters. The amount of cursing in the film will turn any Grandmother red in the face; even watching it on edited TV, the bleeping forces it to become something of a silent movie. Even with all of that, it is fun to watch bada$$ Robert DeNiro talk smack about his casino customers. 

Total F-Bomb Count: 422

4. Django Unchained


It’s hard to pin down ONE Quentin Tarentino movie that has a whole lot of curse words but Django may just be the one to beat its previous contender, Reservoir Dogs. Because of the nature of its story (Civil War South, USA), Tarentino uses numerous racial slurs, gender-specific quips, and even some hilariously over-the-top name-calling. Like every Tarentino movie, the shock value is meant to entertain and, well, shock, so don’t be too offended–he offends just about every race, gender, and type of person in his films. 

Total Racial Slur Count: 113

5. The Big Lebowski


One of the best movie of the 90s also is the only comedy on the list–well, intentional comedy. The slacker-tale by the Coen Brothers boasts a cast of characters who fling out more dirty Yo-Mamma jokes and f-bombs than a middle school PTA meeting. But, as with the Coen’s other film like Fargo and Blood Simple, the swearing is there because the characters do not see it as anything but normal. It is not meant to shock but, in the case of the Dude, sympathize with. He speaks our curse-word language and talks back to authority, both with such a relaxed tone he may be the hero we’ve been looking for all these years. Step aside Karadashians, the Dude will always reign high.

Total F-Bomb Count: 260