‘Home Alone’ Actor Daniel Stern Just Recreated His Iconic Tarantula Scene!

20th Century Fox/Tumblr

We know that the holidays are a ways away, but that didn’t stop Home Alone actor Daniel Stern from giving us all a mid-summer gift. If you’re a fan of Home Alone and its, sequels then you recognize Stern as Marve, the dim-witted half of the Wet Bandits. Though Home Alone turns 26-years old this year, that didn’t stop Stern from giving us a healthy does of nostalgia.

In a clip posted on YouTube, you can see the now 58-year old actor messing around with a bucket in what appears to be his garage. See what happens for yourself!

While we were expecting the dreadful tarantula, we were not expecting the terrifying scream that Stern emits when he reveals his furry “old friend”. Seriously, the only thing that could have made the ordeal better would have been Joe Pesci appearing as Harry.


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