See How ‘Power Rangers’ Have Changed Since The Original Show


Power Rangers hit the television screens in 1993 and kids fell in love with them.

Now, those kids have grown up and now have kids of their own, so now they want to show them the thing they fell in love with. The only problem is, the show is kind of dated. If you were a fan, don’t go back and try to watch old episodes for nostalgia sake. No, you want to show them some new Power Rangers, and Lionsgate is here to help with their new film.

These Rangers are different than the ones you grew up with. These guys and girls have problems that kids and adults can relate to. In the above interview Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks talk about how these characters are more relatable than before, and the Power Rangers tell us about their characters struggles, including Naomi Scott on how Kimberly gets ousted by her “cool group”, the new Billy RJ Cyler tells us how he is socially awkward, Becky G. explains how Trini doesn’t have a home, Dacre Montgomery likes that Jason is a cool kid that wants to hang out with everyone, and Ludi Lin talks about how Zach is a lone wolf.


Power Rangers releases March 24, 2017.