How They Recreated The Horror For ‘Blair Witch’ Video Interview


1999’s The Blair Witch Project was a bonified hit.

The film managed to do many things that no one had ever seen before and it freaked the hell out of people. Everything from the first big found footage film, shaky cam, using not well-known actors, and even some fantastic viral marketing by faking their actors missing persons reports. The film established the found footage genre that so many other horror films have tried to recreate.

Director Adam Wingard was a fan of the original and knew how special it was, so for his sequel ‘Blair Witch’, he wanted the film to live up to the original. The movie was originally called “The Woods” and in a surprise San Diego Comic-Con announcement, the title was changed to ‘Blair Witch’ and fans got much more interested. In the above interview Director Adam Wingard, Valorie CurryJames Allen McCune, and Corbin Reid discuss why they think their film live up to the original.


Blair Witch comes out September 16, 2016.

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