How To Relate To An Alien In ‘The Space Between Us’ Interview


Loneliness is something that everyone feels. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowded room, or if you’re 250 million miles away and have only talked to 15 people ever on Mars.

That’s what STX Entertainment is trying to show with their newest film ‘ Space Between Us’. An astronaut who is going to live on Mars doesn’t know she’s pregnant. She has the baby, but unfortunately, dies during childbirth. That child is Gardner (Butterfield), and since Earth’s gravity could possibly kill him, he is a secret and can only talk to the astronauts on Mars. He also has a penpal that he chats with on earth in Tulsa (Robertson).

After much debate with astronaut Kendra (Gugino) and NASA director Nathaniel (Oldman), Gardner is allowed to come to Earth, and after he runs away with Tulsa, the two attempt to find Gardner’s father, explore earth and become better friends.

It can be hard for someone to connect with the situation that Gardner finds himself in, but in actuality, his feelings are ones that everyone feels. In the above interview Britt RobertsonAsa ButterfieldGary Oldman, and Carla Gugino tell us why all of their individual characters can relate to the concept of being alone and finding hope in one another.


The Space Between Us releases February 3, 2017.