Hugh Jackman Puts On A Show In ‘The Greatest Showman’ Trailer


This is the role that Hugh Jackman was born to play.

The man loves musicals and he is one hell of an entertainer. In his latest movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ Jackman will take on the first entertainer, P.T. Barnum.

P.T. started his idea very late in life, at the age of 60. He lost his job and didn’t know how he could give his family what he promised when he came up with the idea. Barnum would find many different “freaks” or anything else that could and would bring people to his shows.P.T. came up with the very popular quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” which I believe says more about his character than anything else.


‘The Greatest Showman’ releases Christmas 2017, December 25, 2017.