Mark Ruffalo Says Marvel Might Do Another Hulk Movie — Let’s At Least Hear Him Out!

The AvengersWalt Disney Studios via Everett Collection

Okay, Ruffalo. Sell it. Tell us why, with so many properties to choose from and all the money required to breathe life into its leviathan of promising characters, Marvel is “entertaining the idea” of another standalone movie for the Hulk. After all, the first two attempts at a Bruce Banner-centric picture resulted in sour reviews and lackluster box office intake. Ang Lee’s maudlin interpretation of the character, as portrayed by Eric Bana in 2003, nearly sapped us of our Spider-Man highs, while Louis Leterrier’s lunking, charmless 2008 version left us mourning the days when an Edward Norton headline meant a sure thing (there might not have ever been days like that, but it sure seems like there were at some point). But two years past the Hulk’s gallant return to Bixbian form in The Avengers, and you’re coming to DigitalSpy with the news that Marvel is considering another go at the rage-filled green giant for a spin-off feature?

All right, we’ll hear you out: “There’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut.” Clearly, you and Marvel alike share our skepticism, which is, in its own way, comforting. As lovers of Banner in his comic book, television series, and Ruffaloan form (and that last bit includes your appearance in the Iron Man 3 stinger, for which you seem to share an affinity: “If they did Iron Man 4 and Banner’s in that, that’d be very cool.”), we’d love nothing more than the Hulk granted his cinematic due. But such a complicated character takes patience and plotting… more so than Leterrier hocked at the screen in ’08, but not quite as much as Lee wove so dreadfully in ’03. A happy medium. Something that the Phase 2-and-on psychology might be able to bring to life. 

Seems like you’ve convinced us, Ruffalo. Maybe there is some hidden gold left to mine for a Hulk movie. Just… be careful this time, okay?