17 Times ‘The Hunger Games’ Played With Our Emotions

There’s no denying The Hunger Games series is pretty intense. That has a lot to do with the dark, dystopian plot. Kids essentially killing kids for the government’s amusement? That’s heavy stuff. It also has to do with Jennifer Lawrence’s emotionally-charged performance as Katniss Everdeen. At the end of the first two films, we felt like we had run the gamut of feelings right along with Katniss. We don’t expect Mockingjay – Part 1 to be any less of a roller coaster.

1. The “I volunteer!” scene.


We knew it was coming, but we still got chills when Katniss offered to sacrifice herself in order to save her sister, Prim, from competing in the Games.

2. Cinna makes sure Katniss has her mockingjay pin.


Cinna was on her side from the start and this was one of many sweet moments between them. We got a little misty-eyed.

3. That moment just before the Games begin.


We can’t handle the suspense! No wonder Haymitch drinks…

4. When Rue died.


So. Many. Feels. We definitely reached for the Kleenex when Katniss’ tiny ally became a victim of the Games.

5. When Katniss gives the District 11 salute, and they salute back.


This was shortly after Rue died and we were still sniffling. The moment of solidarity got the waterworks flowing again.

6. This flashback scene.


Katniss is alone and hungry, and Peeta throws her a loaf of bread. Is it dusty in here?

7. Katniss and Peeta’s first kiss.


Sure, it was technically so they could get sponsors, but there was clearly more to it than that. 

8. When Katniss thinks Peeta is dead.


She was so relieved to find him alive, and we were too!

9. Katniss and Peeta almost eat the poisonous berries.


It was a risky move, and we were holding our breaths the whole time. But it worked and they were both saved. Katniss and Peeta beat the system!

10. Katniss and Peeta pretending to be in love.


This one’s so sad because you know Peeta’s not actually pretending.

11. Any time President Snow does anything.


He’s super creepy. Somebody hold us.

12. When guards kill the defiant elderly man from District 11.


So brutal and shocking. Can we just pretend that didn’t happen?

13. When Gale gets whipped.


We admire Gale standing up for what he believes in, but man this scene hurt.

14. The kiss between Katniss and Gale.


We thought we were Team Peeta but then this scene had to happen and confuse us.

15. When Cinna gets beaten up.


Of course they do this in front of Katniss right before she’s about to enter the arena. MAJOR ANXIETY.

16. The jabberjays.


In this harrowing scene, the jabberjays mimic Prim’s screams and Katniss goes absolutely nuts. We do NOT blame her.

17. When Katniss finds out District 12 is dunzo.


Fade to black. Noooo!

We’re here if you need a hug.