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I Saw ‘Fast 9’ In Theaters – Here’s A Spoiler-Free Look at the Action/Adventure Movie

Hey, Hollywooders!

I just got back from seeing Fast 9, the latest movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. It is one of the many new movie releases out now in movie theaters. Like many of you this was my first time back in the theaters since the pandemic. It was euphoric to be back in the big, cozy movie theater seats surrounded by a bunch of strangers just as excited as me to see this movie, which was delayed because of the pandemic.

Getting to watch such an amazing and long awaited film on the big screen was something I didn’t realize I missed this much. While getting back to “normal” life is scary, this was a great first step and seeing an earlier show time allowed me to feel more comfortable. With the smell of popcorn in the air, people chatting in excitement as the trailers played before the movie started and then the unison of gasps and laughs throughout the movie made me remember how great seeing a film on the big screen is.

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I took a look at theaters near me to compare movie showtimes and settled on going to the 12pm movie showtime on opening day (June 25) at the Cinemark theater near me.

What is Fast 9 about?

The movie encompasses everything that fans of the franchise have come to know and love, fast cars, action, adventure, the fight for good, and of course family.

This film focuses on an aspect that we have yet to see in the previous films, Vin Diesel’s character Dom’s early family life. We meet Dom’s brother Jakob and his father and learn about the tragic death of their dad that divides the brothers but in the end it is always “family first.”

Many of your favorite actors are back again including Michelle Rodiguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron, Kurt Russell, and Helen Mirren. There are also some new ones including John Cena and Cardi B. We aren’t going to give away any spoilers but there might be a character or two who hasn’t been in a few movies that might return.

It’s been a few years since the crew have all been together but after receiving an SOS it is time for them to decide if they will jump back into action or keep to their quiet, simple lives. The crew’s mission, if they chose to accept it, is to get back a very dangerous weapon that could control all the satellites in the universe.

This mission leads them not only all over the globe, but even into space. You can watch the trailer here before you head to see the entire film on the big screen.

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My initial impression of Fast 9

I am a true fan of the franchise. I have grown up watching all the movies and rewatching them whenever they are on TV. My family loves cars and action adventure movies so having the two come together in the Fast and Furious franchise is amazing. This film was different then all the rest. It brought the franchise as a whole to a different level.

Seeing the way that family played so heavily into this movie puts into perspective what really matters in life. If you have siblings I’m sure you know those petty fights and bickering that take place from time to time, but do you let those get in the way of being there for one another? No, through thick and thin you siblings are always there for and that is what this movie really focuses on, the meaning of family. Of course their sister Mia plays a big role in bringing the two back together.

Enough of the sappy stuff, back to the action. The film’s creators never fail to think of new and crazy ways to get everyone’s heart racing. If you watched the trailer you have seen the insane jump that Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodiguez’s characters make in their car across a canyon. That is just one of the many death defying stunts the characters partake in, in the chase for the weapon.

Plus Tyrese Gibson’s character continues to narrowly escape death time and time again. From the insane chase scenes both in vehicles, planes and on foot to facing the bad guys head on, the movie does not disappoint. Along the way there are so many laughs, hard conversations and determination to stop the bad guys and get the device back from the wrong hands before the assembly is complete.

As the movie ended in the classic say grace, family dinner scene that they all do I couldn’t help but feel so many different emotions for new and old relationships that the characters have made.

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So, was it worth seeing Fast 9 in my local movie theater?

Ultimately I am excited to see what is next for the franchise. I couldn’t stop thinking about the movie the entire rest of the day. I left the theater with the biggest smile on my face and on a high from everything I got to experience. With so much action and adventure packed into two and a half hours I will definitely need to see the movie again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

It was a great first movie back at the theater and I totally recommend seeing it on the big screen. All the fast-paced chases and action are taken to another level in a movie theater. It is truly not something that can be replicated at home on your TV or computer.

As someone who felt nervous to get back out and go to places with lots of people post pandemic, this felt right and safe. Choosing my seat and having multiple seats between me and the next group of people made the experience safe and enjoyable. The theater I went to allowed you to choose your seat beforehand which allowed me to see where others were sitting and where I wanted to sit.

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