Idris Elba Out; Tyler Perry In For New Alex Cross Movie

Tyler Perry*Shudders* Just when you thought the world was getting better (economy improving, Jets NOT in the Super Bowl), it throws you a curve ball that smashes your protective helmet and fractures your skull. Idris Elba, one of the best actors working today, had been set to play Alex Cross in a reboot of the character’s film franchise, but according to Deadline has been replaced by Tyler Perry.

Yes, you read that correctly. Tyler. Fucking “Madea.” Perry. He’ll take over the role originated by Morgan Freeman in an adaptation of the new James Patterson novel I, Alex Cross.

And it doesn’t end there. Originally set to direct was David Twohy, a questionable but ample choice. He made thrillers like Pitch Black and wrote some decent pictures like The Fugitive and G.I. Jane in addition to some iffy films like Waterworld. A mixed track record, yes, but he would’ve been better than Rob Cohen, who is currently circling the project as its helmsman. Cohen was responsible for The Fast and the Furious and xXx franchises and is now paired up with Perry. It’s like everything disgusting in the world joined together to form one amoebic blob of mediocrity that will make more money than I ever hope to earn in my lifetime. Fantastic.

Source: Deadline