9 Nicholas Sparks Leading Men and Their Disney Counterpart

Charming. Handsome. Generous. Kind. Open. Lovable. These are adjectives that depict two of our favorite categories of movie characters: the leading men in Nicholas Sparks movies and the male, animated Disney characters we grew up with. Admit it: Both are reasonable guilty pleasures. We love watching a Nicholas Sparks couple fall in love against a Southern beach backdrop just as much as we adore classics like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. So why not morph the two together?
These are the leading male characters of everyone’s favorite Nicholas Sparks movies and their animated Disney character counterparts.

Landon Carter as Flynn Ryder
A Walk to Remember, Shane West, Tangled
Warner Bros via Everett Collection/Walt Disney Studios
Reckless. Selfish. Makes questionable decisions. Just like Landon Carter, Flynn Ryder from Tangled was all of these things before he fell in love. For Landon, it was Jamie that reformed him from his bad boy ways in A Walk to Remember. For Flynn (AKA Eugene), it was Rapunzel. Both guys found true love (in Mandy Moore) and in that love, found their true selves.
Will Blakelee as John Smith
The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth, Pocahontas
Walt Disney Studios/Buena Vista Pictures
Will from The Last Song is the ultimate good guy. He sweeps Ronnie (AKA Miley Cyrus’ character) off her less-than-willing feet and is open to love despite how different he is from the girl he loves. Sound familiar? That’s probably because that’s something John Smith knew a lot about. There were so many cultural barriers between John Smith and Pocahontas in the Disney classic including one of language, but still, he was open to love and unwilling to care about the reasons they were different; he only saw how they were alike.

Alex as Prince Eric

Safe Haven, Josh Duhamel, The Little Mermaid
Relativity Media via Everett Collection/Buena Vista Pictures

Alex from Safe Haven isn’t a prince who lives in a fancy, waterfront castle, but the parallels between Josh Duhamel’s character and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid are uncanny. Alex a widow, a store owner, and a single dad to two kids, fell in love with a strange girl with a mysterious past, just as Eric did. These two should form a discussion group to go over their similar romantic plots!

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Logan Thibault as Hercules

The Lucky One, Zac Efron, Hercules
Warner Bros/Buena Vista Pictures

In The Lucky One, Zac Efron plays Logan, an ex-marine who is disciplined, dedicated, strong, kind-hearted, and brave, which makes it next to impossible not to compare him to Hercules. The titular character of the animated Disney movie moves through his life with one goal: To be a hero. And Logan is a hero. Both guys are smart and brave and would do anything for the people they love. (Not to mention, Logan has his trusty steed in his well-trained German Shepard and Hercules has his in Pegasus!) We could totally see these two being friends if their universes collided.


Noah as Aladdin

The Notebook, Ryan Gosling, Aladdin
New Line via Everett Collection/Buena Vista Pictures

Noah is the ultimate Nicholas Sparks leading male character. (Probably because we'll never get the image of Ryan Gosling delivering the infamous line spoken to Allie, “I want all of you forever every day. You and me everyday" out of our heads. Swoon.) If ever there were a Disney counterpart to Noah, it’s totally Aladdin from the film of the same name. Both guys fell hard for their gals and weren’t afraid to pull out the big guns to attract their attention (and affection). For Noah, that meant hanging one-armed from the top of a Ferris wheel while asking Allie out on a date. For Aladdin, that meant using a genie’s magical powers to transform him into Prince Ali of Ababwa. Ironically, Jasmine and Allie both reacted in a pretty similar way… But that's another story.


Travis as Prince Naveen

The Choice, Benjamin Walker, The Princess and the Frog
Lionsgate/Walt Disney Studios

In the latest Nicholas Sparks romance-book-turned-movie, the leading male character is Travis, an unfailingly charming man who doesn’t exactly hit it off with his leading lady Gabby right away. Just like Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog, Travis’ charm comes across as conceit in the beginning, a trait which strained both of these guys’ romantic relationships at first. All Travis needed was a ukelele and he’d basically be a walking, talking Prince Naveen… without the whole magically-turned-into-a-frog plot line bit.

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Dawson Cole as Kristoff
The Best of Me, James Marsden, Frozen
Relativity Media via Everett Collection/Walt Disney Studios
Dawson Cole is just a regular guy from the wrong side of town in The Best of Me. He’s poor. He doesn’t have support from his family. He isn’t extraordinarily smart, just talented at his craft. Yet he falls in love with a girl way out of his league just like Kristoff from Frozen. He’s no Prince Hans but he's good-hearted and trustworthy and caring. He’s a regular guy and just like in The Best of Me, the regular, good guy gets the girl. Only in the case of Frozen, it’s the princess.

John Tyree as Tarzan

Dear John, Channing Tatum, Tarzan
Screen Gems via Everett Collection/Buena Vista Pictures

The way that John looked at Savannah in Dear John It’s enough to make your heart liquefy to mush. We recall witnessing a similar gaze between Tarzan and Jane as they met for the first time on a jungle tree branch in the rain. Sure, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but just like Jane and Tarzan, Savannah and John were so unbelievably different from each other. Opposites attract, both of these famous couples prove that, and not only do they attract, they can also sometimes be perfect for each other.


Luke Collins as Robin Hood

The Longest Ride, Scott Eastwood, Robin Hood
20th Century Fox via Everett Collection/Buena Vista Distribution

When we think of Robin Hood, we think of his good deeds in the name of doing the right thing, not necessarily his romantic pairings. But it’s hard to watch The Longest Ride and not see the comparisons drawn between Luke Collins and RH. Both are good men. Both put the needs of people around them before their own. Someone throw Luke a bow and arrow and we’re good to go!