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Ilana Glazer’s New Movie ‘False Positive’ Will Leave You Positively Terrified

My Friday nights usually consist of hanging out with friends, but this Friday night was a little different. I curled up on the couch, grabbed a bowl of popcorn, and began watching the new horror movie False Positive starring Ilana Glazer on Hulu. Ilana Glazer’s name is synonymous with comedy and specifically Broad City, but the new Hulu movie False Positive gives us a whole new perspective on the actress.

The first image in False Positive is one of horror–Illana Glazer slowly limping down the street, blood covering her face and clothes. The rest of the film is a strange and unpredictable rollercoaster ride. Ilana Glazer plays Lucy, a woman desperately hoping for a child, with her husband Adrian (Justin Theroux). Adrian reconnects with a former mentor and OB-GYN named Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), so he and Lucy decide to turn to the doctor for IVF treatment. Lucy starts experiencing dark hallucinations, but every time she tells someone, it is brushed off as “mommy brain.” From here, the film explores the world of fertility, women’s choice, and motherhood in a dark and chilling way.

The premise of this Hollywood movie is nothing new, and displays all of the obstacles women must go through to have a baby. However, the film was horrifying to watch at times, and even Ilana Glazer was psychologically affected when filming. Ilana told Vanity Fair, “I felt scared, paranoid, crazy, empty, and weak. My body felt so tense and scared and in pain.” But don’t worry, in real life, Ilana Glazer is expecting with her husband of four years and said carrying her baby is “the coolest thing ever”. 

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The A24 film False Positive first aired at the 2021 Tribeca Film Awards, but was just released on Hulu this weekend. Illana Glazer’s fellow friends and co-stars praised her on social media for her new film and venturing into a new genre.

Abbi Jacobson said she was “so proud” of her friend for expanding her reach as an actor.

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Fellow Broad City actor Paul Downs called Ilana “inspiring.”

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Justin Theroux pressed his excitement for the release of False Positive. 

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Fans also had a lot to say about the film. One person called it ‘heartracing.’

One person liked the film, but said something was missing.

Alex called the film a ‘win on so many levels.’

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Jeremy originally thought False Positive was a werewolf movie.

Someone said they would watch anything with Ilana Glazer and, honestly, same.

Although False Positive isn’t a ‘feel-good’ summer movie, you should still take the time to watch it.

You can now stream False Positive on Hulu. 

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