‘Imagine’ Has Steve Carell As A Rock And Roll Bastard Son

Steve CarellComedy is a community and when you like working with someone, you tend to work with that person again and again. This explains the recent news regarding Steve Carell. His latest movie, Crazy. Stupid. Love., was written by Dan Fogelman and Carell plans to re-team with Fogelman for his directing debut, Imagine.

In Imagine, Carell plays the son of an aging rocker who learns about his son through a letter John Lennon wrote to him, thus explaining the title. That’s about as much of the plot as we know but boy does this sound like a winner. I’m sure the ghost of Lennon is thrilled he and his songs are connected to movies about a rock star discovering his bastard son. And a movie about said discovery is named after a song hailing the return of peace and love (and also socialism in a way but that’s for some overwritten thesis, not I). If I actually cared about The Beatles I would be upset about this, but I’m a Stones guy. However, I’m actually more concerned about Carell’s career. He doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to picking movies (40-Year-Old Virgin aside) to star in. At least, none seemingly worth his comedic chops. Hopefully Crazy. Stupid. Love. and Imagine will change that for him.

Also some slight news for CSL as well. Apparently the producers focus grouped it and they came up with a better idea for the movie, which was to change the original title to its current form of Crazy. Stupid. Love. The original title was horrible, misleading, and has been known to cause new born infants to grow rashes all over their bodies. I fear retyping it but because I care about you so much I’ll do my best. The original title was… oh no, I’m not sure if I can do this… I must press on… the people must know… the original title was… be strong! What would Woodward and Filmdrunk do? You can do this! The original title was… the pain! The original title was Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Oh wow. So glad I’ll never have to do that again. Thankfully the producers were benevolent and changed it to the much more agreeable Crazy. Stupid. Love. Phew.

Source: Vulture.