Lake Bell’s Directorial Debut ‘In a World…’ Looks Absolutely Brilliant

This fall’s upcoming comedic flick In A World… marks comic actress Lake Bell‘s directorial and writing debut. With a lot of work cut out for her, Bell showcases due promise in the first trailer for the upcoming film, which looks phenomenal.

The movie follows Carol (Bell) as she aspires to put her dull vocal coaching days behind to become a voice over sensation. In the shadow of her father’s fame as a movie-trailer voice over legacy, Carol rebels against the assertion that “the industry doesn’t crave a female sound” by enthusiastically pursuing her dreams. 

The latest trailer frames In A World…, which won the honor of Best Screenplay at 2013’s Sundance Film Festival, as off-beat and zany, yet with all the appropriate grounding. Think Paul Giamatti’s 2011 indie comedy win/Win, but with the added punch of the always center-of-the-converastion voice over industry.

Not only does In A World… look to be a snarky film packed with comedic punches and one-liner jabs, but it also features a stellar cast including Dmitri Martin, Nick Offerman, Fred Melamed, a hilarious Eva Longoria, and Rob Corddry. 

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