Happy Birthday Captain America! Here’s Why He’s The Greatest Superhero Of All-Time

Marvel fans delighted in Captain America slaying the superhero scene in Captain America: Civil War this past May. Everything about the film was sharper, sleeker and more in-depth than anything we’ve seen before. And yet, it was Steve Rogers himself who has shown time and time again that he is the comic book world’s greatest superhero. To celebrate Captain America’s 75th Birthday on July 4th, here are 6 times he proved that he is the greatest superhero of all-time. Be sure to keep reading to see how you can win our Captain America Prize Pack!

1. He’s much more than a lab rat!


In the first Avengers film, Tony Stark aka Iron Man says to Cap, “You’re a lab rat, Rogers. Everything special about you came out of a bottle.” In reality, Cap is more of a superhero than any of the other Avengers. When we are first introduced to him in Captain America: The First Avenger, we learn that Steve Rogers is innately good. He genuinely wants to help people. Without the Shield and the super-strength, he is still a solider through and through. In fact, his superpower is that he’s decent and true. 

2. He’s Humble AF.


While Tony Stark and Thor love to bask in their greatness, Cap remains humble even after he’s transformed from the 90 pound Brooklyn born WWII solider, to the hunky man that he is now. He’s a true man of his time, and the 21st century could certainly use some more guys like him.

3. Captain America is entirely selfless.


When he was simply Steve Rogers, Cap was willingly to sacrifice himself for the safety and well being of others. In The First Avenger, Col. Phillips throws a fake grenade on the tarmac where the recruits are standing. Everyone except Steve runs for cover. In fact Steve throws himself on the grenade without a second thought. You really don’t get more heroic than that. 

4. Cap has been working for free all of these years.


Seriously, the man is doing all of this good out of the kindness of his heart. A few months back, Reddit user anon33249038 calculated that the United States Army owed Cap something like $4.7 million dollars for his service since 1945. (We’re just going to include those pesky years when he was frozen.) In our opinion you have to be a superhero to continue putting your life on the line without as much as a penny in return for your efforts.

5. He’s a ride or die friend. 


Despite all of the obstacles that they’ve encountered over the years, Captain America always shows up to help his BFF Bucky Barnes, even when that means putting himself in imminent danger or going against the wishes of his fellow Avengers. If that’s not loyalty, then we don’t know what is. #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.

6. He has the BEST trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier and Civil War are the best of the best because they work together as a larger piece. Each film also manages to peel back another layer of Steve Rogers giving us an even fuller picture of who the hero is. Throughout all of this, we know that Cap is going to do what he feels is right, not matter what it may cost him. 

Happy 75th Birthday Captain America! You are just, true and SUPER HEROIC!

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