International Trailer For New ‘Transformers’ Is The Most Fun Yet


International Trailers are just more fun most of the time.

They are normally the last trailer, and generally how it goes is the teaser tells you nothing, the first trailer gives you more, and by the 2nd trailer, the entire movie is spoiled. Not internationally. Those trailers show you how much fun the movie is going to be. Some of the action, some things you haven’t seen, but fun is the main thing. Also, kids are apparently allowed to say bitch internationally.

The Transformers franchise is a huge property, especially internationally, so of course their new film ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ would get an international trailer. In the trailer, Mark Wahlberg is having fun yelling at a Dinobot that could kill him without even thinking about it., Bumblebee does some awesome action, and Sir Anthony Hopkins handles some backstory without really ruining anything.

Also, since when can Bumblebee do that thing at the end?


Transformers: The Last Knight releases June 23, 2017.