Internet Meme to Horror Star In ‘Slender Man’ Trailer


Slender Man started as a photoshop contest for paranormal pictures in the Something Awful forums back in 2009, became an internet meme shortly after that, was connected to 2 actual killings, and now in 2018 will have its own film.

For many, Slender Man is horror personified. He is a thin man in a suit who kidnaps children and teens. He has no face, long arms that can stretch and grab someone and can wipe the memory of people. We’ve had a film before, a Kickstarter campaign was developed in 2013, made it’s $10,000 budget, was made, but due to copyright, the film was shortly taken down, which is why this film was developed. We can’t tell you much about the actual film, just that it looks like it will scare the hell out of people.

The year of horror has officially begun, and people will flock to the theaters for this one.


‘Slender Man’ releases May 18, 2018.