Joseph Gordon-Levitt fights plane hijackers in ‘7500’ Trailer

Movies that take place in one location always fascinate me.

While films that travel to vast destinations and other worlds are always fun, there’s something special about films that take place in one small location. There can’t be that many actors so the film relies on the actor and story to be entertaining. That’s what Joseph Gordon-Levitt does for his film ‘7500’.

JGL is a copilot named Tobias. He’s doing he’s a copilot whose dating the head flight attendant and they go to do their jobs. To get into the cabin during a flight the attendant has to ring in and the pilot sees who it is on a camera. That’s when hijackers take the opportunity to rush the cabin. Tobias gets the door closed and locked down, but with the pilot injured and no place to land, he has to pilot the plane to safety all while the passengers, crew, and his love are trapped with the maniacs.


‘7500’ is an Amazon Prime movie releases June 19, 2020.