J.B. Smoove Taking Over With Film Roles & New Show

jb smooveNot to be a pessimist, but how do you keep going when your year starts off so well? I’d like to think of myself as an optimist but if I started reaping the rewards J.B. Smoove has enjoyed so far in 2011, I’d start looking behind my back.

First he was cast in Cameron Crowe’s We Bought A Zoo, so not only does he get to work with the Almost Famous director, he’ll be appearing in a movie with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. Not too shabby. If that wasn’t enough, Fox has signed Smoove to develop a “blue-collar comedy” with Shawn Levy producing. Smoove recently worked with Levy on Date Night and was one of the highlights of the movie (though there weren’t many of them). Levy has also brought in The Office writer Aaron Shure to co-develop with the comedian. To top it all off, he also has supporting parts in David Gordon Green’s The Sitter with Jonah Hill and The Farrelley Bros. Hall Pass with Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis.

Not too bad for Leon Black.

Source: Deadline and IndieWire